Ben Taylor is Ollie's older brother and Blake Gaines' love interest. He is originally from England like his younger brother Ollie.

He is played by Australian actor, Hugo Johnstone-Burt.

Ben Taylor
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5' 11"
Weight Unknown

San Andreas Edit

Ben and Ollie meet Blake in the lobby of an office building. They chat for a bit, before Daniel arrives, and he and Blake leave. When the earthquake happens, they are still in the building, and they hear Daniel asking people if they can help Blake, after she was trapped. Ben and Ollie search in the carpark until they find her. They find and use a car jack to lift a slab of concrete off until Blake is able to free herself.

They later head to an electronics store, where Blake calls her parents. They plan to rendezvous at Coit Tower, and they head there. On the way, Ben sees it, but it is surrounded by fire, so they decide to head for the next highest hill.


Ben sees Coit Tower ablaze.

Another earthquake hits, and a large shard of glass buries itself in Ben's thigh. Blake pulls it out, and they make a makeshift bandage. Shortly after, a tsunami warning is issued, and they head for Daniel's unfinished building. They reach one of the higher floors, but it isn't high enough. The tsunami floods the building. They make it to a higher floor, where there is no water They then see Ray and Emma, and signal them. Then the building begins to sink. Ben and Ollie escape, but Blake doesn't. Ray rescues her, and performs CPR while Ben and Ollie look on.

In the aftermath, Ben, now on crutches due to his leg injury, stands with the Gaines family and his brother overlooking the destruction caused by the earthquake. Ben returns Blake's necklace that he found to her.

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