Joby O`Leary is a member of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

He is played by Colton Haynes.

Joby O`Leary
Vital statistics
Position Member of the LAFD
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height 5' 9"
Weight Unknown

San Andreas Edit

Joby, along with Ray, Marcus, and Harrison, are called by a woman named Natalie, whose car has become stuck on the side of a cliff. Joby is the first to rappel down. Natalie asks Joby to get her out of the car, but Joby says he needs to stabilise it first. He heads further down, and he prepares to stabilise the car. But it slips, and his arm is trapped between it and the cliff face. Ray then comes down, and he rips off the car's door and pulls Natalie out just before the car falls, releasing Joby at the same time.

Quotes Edit

"We all got pretty tight over there. Didn't want to break up the family."

"It's no big deal. Just engine failure."

"Natalie, I need you to stay perfectly still, I need to stabilise the car."