Serena Johnson is a news reporter.

She is played by Arhcie Panjabi.

Serena Johnson
Vital statistics
Position News Reporter
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5' 3"
Weight Unknown

San Andreas Edit

Serena is interviewing Joby and Marcus aboard one of the LAFD's rescue helicopters while they prepare to rescue Natalie. She asks them several questions, and writes down a few things on a notepad.

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Serena on one of the LAFD's rescue helicopters.

Later, she joins up with Lawrence. She expresses her sympathies over Kim's death before preparing to do an interview with him. But just after they begin, Phoebe and Alexi show Lawrence counts from seismometers positioned near the San Andreas fault.

Serena with Lawrence.

Later, the first earthquake begins, and Serena takes shelter in a doorway, but Lawrence grabs her and pulls her under a table.

Shortly afterwards, Serena and Lawrence issue a warning to San Francisco, letting the citizens know of the impending catastrophe. The 9.6 earthquake begins not long afterwards. In the aftermath, Serena assures Lawrence that he saved lives that day with his warning.

Quotes Edit

“Are you saying that the whole San Andreas fault might go off?”